Frequently Asked Questions
Your office address is in Florida. Why are you selling land in the Southwest US?

Even though we live and work in Florida we prefer to buy and sell land in the Southwest Region of the United States.  The Southwest area is an abundant resource for vacant land at relatively low prices. Which provides the prospective buyer with a great and affordable way to get started in real estate investing. 

Additionally, some people may wish to purchase land for recreational purposes or “Off-Grid” living.  The fresh air and quiet, natural beauty of the southwest area is a great escape from the stress and anxiety of city life and the desert scenery of the southwest can be nothing short of breathtaking!  Imax simply cannot compare with the awesome, natural beauty of a southwestern, desert sky at night!

Are you a real estate agent?

No. We are investors that actually purchase and own all the land parcels that we have for sale. 

Why are your properties so cheap?

First, we utilize a consistent and targeted marketing campaign to purchase parcels from landowners that for whatever reason, no longer have an interest in being a landowner and/or they just want some extra cash and are willing to sell their land at a price far below market value.  In the majority of cases the landowners originally had no interest in owning land but came into as an inheritance or some other situation and are tired of paying the taxes every year or may even be delinquent on their taxes and may be facing the possibility of foreclosure where they could lose their property and receive nothing .  This is where we come in and are able to offer a win-win solution by relieving the landowner of their burden and we acquire a land parcel at a low price point.                                                                                                             Second, we market our land parcels at a wholesale rate below market value. Our business model when selling is based on volume as opposed to high profit margins.  By pricing our parcels at wholesale rates below market value we are able to sell them more quickly and our buyers get the benefits of purchasing land with instant equity built in at the time of purchase. Again, another win-win situation for us and for our buyers.

How do I go about purchasing a property?

 Cash Purchase- If you would like to purchase a property for the discounted cash price please give us a call at 813-763-6240 or email us at Mike@southwestlandforless.com and let us know what property you would like to purchase.  We will then email you a Purchase and Sale Agreement for you to review and sign.  Once we receive the signed Purchase and Sale Agreement you can either pay for the property over the phone with your credit card or go to our website and simply click on the “Buy Now” button for the property of your choice.  We will also create a new deed and any other necessary documents transferring ownership over to you.  Once the documents are completed we electronically record the new deed with the county prior to mailing them out to you.  This will save you the time of having to mail the documents to the county yourself to get them recorded. 

If you prefer to pay using an alternative method  other than credit card such as a Cashier’s Check  OR you wish to close through a title company please Contact Us directly and we will be glad to assist you with the process!  

Finance Terms Purchase- If you wish to purchase a property on terms click on the “Buy on Terms” button.   You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information for the down payment and document fee.  We will  contact you and prepare a Land Contract and Promissory Note Agreement for your review and signature. Your next payment will be scheduled to begin the next calendar month following  the month of your initial down payment.  Your credit card will automatically be charged on a monthly basis for the time period and amount specified in the Agreement.  Once the property has been paid in full we will prepare and send you a new deed transferring ownership over to you.

Can I build or make improvements on a property while I am making payments?

Yes.  Our agreement does enable you to build on parcels provided that all applicable codes and regulations are followed and the county recognizes the license afforded you in our agreement to give you the authority to apply and obtain any necessary permits or licenses.